Feast of St. Lucy

Just stopping in to say Happy Feast of St. Lucy!  This has been one of our favorite feasts for years.  If you are unfamiliar with St. Lucy, this is one of many sites you can visit to learn more. There are so many fun, beautiful, memorable customs for this feast day!  We have adopted the Swedish custom of serving cinnamon rolls and coffee early in the morning, preferably by candlelight (or hot chocolate, or orange juice–we had a full day ahead and wanted to round it out a bit more…).  There’s a lot more to the custom, but we were running out to our co-op that day, so we did not have as much time as we would have liked to celebrate.

If you would like to see how one beautiful Catholic family has been celebrating this feast day for years, I’d love for you to check out one of my very favorite bloggers, Jessica at ShowerofRoses.  Happy Feast Day!

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I am a homeschooling mom of six kids, married to a patient, supportive, and crazy smart husband, whom I met on the internet in the days of screaming modems. Raised on the east coast, I am happily raising my family in the midwest. I love to collect and share traditions, recipes, prayers, crafts, and activities for living out the Catholic Faith in my home and family.

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